Monday, March 7, 2011

Where is Robin Meade?

Good morning. Robin is off today recovering from her gig in Nashville.
Natasha Curry has the wheel.

You’re climbing into bed. The lights are out, but you still can’t seem to turn off your brain. There’s something you need to know about your tv, and a couple of other things you may have in the room.

We dig deeper into the sweat lodge controversy as we enter the second week of the manslaughter trial against self-help guru James Arthur Ray. Our own Ryan Smith experiences a Native American sweat lodge ceremony. He's taking your questions about the experience all morning on the air today.

You’re not just feeling it at the pump. Now you’re going to feel the gas-price pain when you buy an airline ticket. We’re looking at just how bad things are, and where they might be headed.

Were you one of the 100,000 or so who tuned in to Charlie Sheen’s live webcast over the weekend? We’ve got excerpts.

New fighting in the streets in Libya. Dozens more are dead. Scores are injured. And the stream of people packing up their belongings and leaving the country is staggering.

The impasse over money in Wisconsin is no better. The governor’s office is setting a time frame for possible layoffs. The surprising response from the Democrats.

We’ve got the latest on the NFL talks… and there’s another possible salmonella discovery. This one involves peanut butter you may have in your kitchen… plus, amazing video of a Hawaiian volcano.