Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Using your phone on plane can cause disconnect

Rain this week and record snow this winter – leads to big flooding…
We’ll look at some of the hardest hit areas.
And I don't want to say it, but some people are getting more rain today
Admit use your smartphone up until the very last second while the plane is taxiing.
Now, new info on whether using electronics on the tarmac really puts people at risk.
That was one weird Gahdafi appearance.
Libya’s leader kept reporters from all over the world waiting for nine hours.
Then he bolted out the side door without taking questions!
What gives?
Wow! Congress really wants to make it harder for young people to get a license, all in the name of safety.
See how many more steps would be added until teens could get a complete license to drive.
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Thought you heard it all – now there’s Charlie Sheen’s manifesto.
A California harbor has been swamped by millions of dead fish – what experts think caused it.
One of the arizona sweat lodge insiders will shock you with how much training she said they got for the event that led to three deaths…
Alleged white house party crasher Michaele Salahi gets the boot from celebrity rehab.
You gotta check this out!