Thursday, March 3, 2011

Supremes keep free speech alive and protected

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Let's get a move on, and get your news in the fast lane.
The Supreme Court upheld *your* right to protest, when they ruled in favor of letting the Westboro Baptist Church protest outside *military funerals.* Geez.
When you put it that way… where do you stand on this one?
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What makes a person go through a demanding spiritual retreat, and pay good money to do so?
Today, hear from a woman who was inside the James Arthur Ray sweat lodge ceremony that went horribly wrong–and her chilling accounts of what happened.
PLUS, how she feels about the self-help guru now.
How in jeopardy is the NFL? Because honey....that contract expires tonight!
Hand sanitizer, anyone?
Check out whether you live in one of America’s dirtiest cities?
There's a new version of the Bible with updates to words that are outdated.
It’s fascinating to see how different terms have taken on different meanings in just a few years.
Casey Anthony’s mom testifies in court.
And it makes Casey emotional.
The iPad 2 is one thing. (And you'll see what whiz bang additions it has and what it means for the price of the retro iPad.) But check THIS out:
The world’s first *eye-controlled laptop*.
Made ya blink.