Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spit that out! Cantaloupe is being recalled. Good. Hate it.

Hey early club! Many thanks to the viewers and colleagues who
came out to see me sing at Birdland Jazz Club in NYC. (Although
I sang country not jazz.)
In the news today:
Take a look at your breakfast. Some cantaloupe is being
this morning after some people in 5 different
states got sick.
It’s March 30th. And March is supposed to go out like a lamb.

Well, not yet.
Bob will show you the severe storm damage some of your
fellow viewers got overnight.
9 patients at Alabama hospitals have died after being given
contaminated IVs.

Is it getting more dangerous?
A test of seawater near a damaged nuclear plant in Japan is
showing high rates of radioactivity.

Workers are still trying to get the situation under control.
More on what we are learning about their condition.
Was it heat exhaustion or something else that caused the
people in James Ray’s sweat lodge to get deathly sick?
See if you think what the experts are saying will be enough for
reasonable doubt.
Lebron James goes back to Cleveland… and gets a big
The Sea World whale that killed a trainer last year will be
performing again
--starting today.
Eeek! How dare they! MAD MEN is reportedly delayed. BIG