Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Potassium Iodide - should you be taking it

Good morning, rock star.
Looks like your hair had a party after you went to bed.
Let's get you ready and informed for your day.
New stories of the human struggle in Japan:
People wait in freezing temps for help.
A man talks about the moment his wife’s voice faded.
And workers who were told to leave troubled nuclear power plant are back on the job, risking themselves to protect others.
We’ll have more on those brand new glimpses of what people are going thru there.
Plus, the breaking news about nuclear reactors as it happens:
A white cloud of smoke or steam rose from that nuclear plant overnight.
More on what that means for the health of people nearby and afar.
Potassium Iodide.
There's a rush to get this on the west coast, even though we're being told there's no need for the tablets in the U.S.
Should you and I be taking this to protect ourselves and family?
Other news today:
A big bank is testing out BIG ATM fees.
We’re talking $5!
See who would get hit and whether it’s the start of a new trend.
Oh geez, Charlie Sheen went and added more tour dates after his first 2 dates sold out in about 18 minutes.
(What's wrong with US, I ask, that we’d snap up these tickets so fast?!)
Pepsi has a new bottle made of grass, pine bark, and corn husks!!
Check it out.