Friday, March 11, 2011

Massive quake triggers US tsunami warnings

Good morning. Robin is on assignment today. Natasha Curry has the wheel.

Cars, trucks, even buildings are being swept away by an enormous wave as a crushing tsunami rocks the northeast coast of Japan. Hawaii is under a tsunami warning that extends to 19 countries.

Japan has never been hit by an earthquake this hard. It was an 8.9 magnitude quake, the fifth strongest recorded since 1900. For perspective, the 2004 quake that devastated Indonesia and killed tens of thousands of people was a 9.0.

We have absolutely remarkable video to show you this morning. You’ll see the huge wave as it approaches the shore and incredible destruction as it sweeps inland. Keep in mind, this is an ongoing emergency. Stay with us as the tsunami approaches Hawaii, where it is expected to hit during the show.

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