Monday, February 7, 2011

Top Ten Screw Ups of the National Anthem - Christine Aguilera Not Alone [Video]

Good morning! Did you stay up later than normal for the Super Bowl?
Well, it’s late for me at least.
We’ll be honored to wake you with pep and pertinent info.
The Packers win it.
More on the game-changing moments.
Did you hear about the HUNDREDS of peeps who lost their seats in the stadium due to a seating mess-up?
Rafer talked to some of them.
You'll hear what they had to say.
Also, see if you think the NFL gave them enough to make up for the mistake.
Also: Oh no she didn’t!
Christina Aguilera flubbed the national anthem. At the Super Bowl!
Messed up the words!
On that big of a stage!
See it for yourself here.
(Good tip: Whenever I sing the anthem, I *speak it* over and over in my head. If you can speak it, you can remember to sing it. That and I carry a cheat sheet for a security blanket. Have not had to use it.) Well back to poor Christina. You'll hear what she’s saying this morning.

Should she join the list of the Top Ten Worst National Anthems?

Too busy getting seconds on the dip to watch the Black Eyed Peas halftime show?

(I was following's tweets backstage before he went on. He talked about butterflies. I bet so!) You'll also get a load of the technical problems and how the show was able to rise above it.
Okay now the Super Bowl of COMMERCIALS.
Check out which ads rated the best.
Among the choices:
Eminem was in 2 ads.
Faith Hill. The "rack" ad.
Joan Rivers body double.
Snicker’s tried to repeat the success of last year’s Betty White commercial with comedians Richard Lewis and Roseanne Barr… and a ton of others.
So sprinkled throughout our show, you'll see the ones getting rated the best.
Get a load of this technology:
Now, your doctor can use an iPad or iPhone to check results of your CT, MRI and PET scans…– and diagnose you!
Makers of kids’ cereals are cutting back on sugar. And kids don’t seem to notice.
Polite Robber—
Surveillance cam catches a robber being super nice to a store clerk, and telling her he has kids and must have the money.
You'll see it here.