Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Think it will snow?

The mother of all winter storms this year (yet) is upon us:
Blizzard warnings are up in 9 states.
And on top of that: numbing cold is forecast across the upper Plains and Midwest.
Morning to you, president of the early morning club.
Back to the weather.
Bob has been crunching numbers and has come up with the totals of what's expected. And he's using words like "awful" and "catastrophic" in some situations.

On the show today:
The info you need to decide whether you are heading out today or sitting tight.
(Which is what some cities are telling folks to do).
Another biggie of a story:
Egyptians hope to have a million people marching today, demanding the resignation of Hosni Mubarak.
But they are having to get around road blocks both figuratively and literally.
Back in the states:
Your airline will probably have free access to facebook for you, while you are on board this month.
But free facebook doesn't mean ALL of the internet is free.
A federal judge struck down President Obama’s Health care law. The judge said the whole thing is unconstitutional! So what does this mean for you and what happens next?
Kids are getting hopped up on caffeine at alarmingly young ages!
SUPER BOWL - Rafer’s live outside Cowboy Stadium for us this morning… just as Super Bowl festivities kick off!