Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Robin's Back From Vitamin D Infusion at St. Thomas

Howdy and good morning! Thanks for your pateince while I took a few days to get a sun-dose of vitamin d.
In the news today:
United Airlines grounds dozens of Boeing 757's for "unscheduled maintenance."
On the show you'll see what the concerns are, and what it means if you've got a flight with united.
Posting calories on fast food menus doesn't appear to have the intended effect for teens or even parents of younger kids!
(The gut-buster sandwich, or the sodium nuggets? I kid. I kid)
A big girl named "hickory" is top dog at the westminster kennel club dog show.
She's the first of her breed to win.
Got a cold? New advice on what to take
He told his mom he’d go back to school after leaving college early to join the NBA.
Ryan has more on that story.
Bernie Madoff’s interview from prison – what he says about who should have seen this coming.
People can’t get enough of Charlie Sheen.
Even the *reruns* of "two and a half men" are way up.
A new offer for those super bowl fans who didn’t get to see the big game – will they take it?
'Scotchy scotch in my belly belly. Feels so warm.'
do you think you sleep better after a few cocktails? Who actually fares better – men or women
It’s all about the west for bad weather today.
But bob also notes it will be windy in the midwest too.
Or as he puts it: a double white knuckler for some flights.
Don't forget: Dr. Drew will have his own nightly show, right here on HLN. It starts this spring, right about the time