Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I'm Back Tweeting After Forced Withdrawal

Good morning.
I finally have Twitter back on my phone. Do you?
Funny how you get used to a convenience like that.
(What? How dare they ask me to actually log on to a computer? The injustice!) Ha!
On the show today:
Detroit says it plans to close *half* of its schools to help stop the budget drain.
When all’s said and done – see how many kids they think they'll have to pack into each classroom.
This isn't just Detroit:
What budget concerns are plaguing your schools?
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Or you can tweet me directly @robinmeade on Twitter.
A huge earthquake hits New Zealand.
At least 65 people are dead.
The pictures and video are crazy.
Want to know when someone is newly single?
Yup, there’s an app for that.
But some wonder if this is stalking.
Do you have spring allergies? See how hay fever season could get even longer because of climate change!
Check this out:
The first woman to ever pitch in Major League Baseball.
Problems in Libya could hit close to home--oil prices up sharply.
And stocks are expected to drop today…
Lots of folks today are still wielding their snow shovels.
Bob has info on how much snow fell yesterday – and who’s getting more today.
Dr. Drew is coming to HLN with his own nightly show! It starts in the spring, and you know it's going to be hot!