Monday, February 14, 2011

Energy Drinks Warning - Robin Heading Back to the Corral

Where's robin? Thawing out. She tweets:

Ill Be back tuesday night and on air wednesday morning!
Good morning! Robin is off today. Natasha Curry’s the Valentine’s Day cruise director.

There are major developments in the Egyptian protests. And now there may be trouble in Iran.

We’ve got Grammy highlights, including Lady Gaga, Lady Antebellum, the Muppets, a very special tribute to Aretha Franklin… and more.

A new warning about energy drinks. See who researchers think could be most affected.

A major retailer that helped change the way Americans shop is about to close hundreds of stores and lay off thousands of people. Is it a sign of things to come?

Also today… a major change may be in the works for airline-passenger protection… some of you could be looking at significantly higher federal income taxes under a new White House proposal… Representative Gabrielle Giffords is hitting another milestone in her recovery…. and 100 people who reportedly came down with a mysterious illness have at least one thing in common – they all attended a party at the Playboy Mansion.