Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Auburn Wins - South Freezes Over

Auburn wins!
Let’s go with this first in the newsletter for the college football fans.
So get this:
For Auburn, it’s the school’s first National Championship since 1957.
A big question was… would Cam Newton’s father be there?
And I was surprised at the reported answer.
Good morning.
We are all running low on clothes here, having to stay at hotels near work because of the ice storm. I got the wardrobe covered today. But if we can’t make it home today…there’s gonna be an anchor clothes swap-o-rama at the hotel. I’m predicting it.
Back into the news today:
Representative Giffords sent an e-mail the night before she was shot, calling for a more civil tone in politics.
See what she said.
Also: Word from the hospital is that Rep. Giffords is in critical but stable condition.
Are you flying anywhere today?
The weather in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic are still doing a doozy on the airlines.
So watch and then check with your airline about your flight!
By the way, check out the many pictures and vids from your fellow viewers. We’ll feature some of those on the show.
Ford is hiring 7,000 workers!
More on what we’re learning.
Some 40 minutes before Michael Jackson’s doctor reportedly found him not breathing, he sent out an e-mail saying he was fine! What?!
That’s not the only bombshell from the Conrad Murray preliminary hearing.
Sega -- urine game -- that's all I'm saying
New look for Facebook:
It came out last month as an option.. today it hits full force.
And, the Cavaliers alter their hotel plans to avoid the Heat -- and LeBron.