Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Unbelievable Video of Florida School Board Shooting

Have u called your local radio station that plays holiday music and asked them to play the Christmas version of my song "Welcome Home"? 
My niece said she heard it on the radio the other day in Ohio. I have yet to hear it. 
So ask for "Welcome Home" by Jim Brickman featuring Robin Meade(holiday version)! 
(Complete Long Version Video Below)

You'll watch as a man with a grudge *and a gun* enters a school board meeting. 
He rambles on and on and then shots break out. 
See how this all ended with nobody else hurt. 
And how about the woman that attacks him WITH HER PURSE?
Wait a minute.. 
How did saccharin suddenly get taken off the list of hazardous substances when it’s been on there for 3 decades? 
It breaks your heart to hear what many kids are asking Santa for this year. 
But there is a way to help. 
I could swear they *taught us* to use these words on our résumé. 
Now see what phrases are so cliché, you'd better get them off of there. 
(Proven track record, anyone?) 
What were you doing in 8th grade? 
I’ll bet not this: 
See how many of them are thinking and acting like these are high times. 
Send in the helicopters: 
See how hundreds of drivers are doing now after they were stranded for nearly 24 hours in snow drifts!