Monday, December 6, 2010

Robin's Good Mornin' Email: Is It Freezin' Where You Are?

Hi early bird!
Is it abnormally cold where you are?
You'll see who else is having a dangerously cold night.
In the news:
Your Facebook page may feel like it got a facelift.
You will find a number of changes on it, starting today.
We will walk you through it.
Tune in for amazing video of a man being pulled off train tracks, seconds before a train arrives.
Feel like calling out sick today?
You might wanna make sure you really are ill; some companies are sending outsick-day bounty hunters!
And here’s something you don’t see every day: A college mascot in handcuffs.
Going home for the holidays? It’ll cost you more to get there.
Hey submissions close today for the military "Welcome Home" photos and videos.
So if you have welcomed a troop home and have those great moments on tape or video, hurry and go to the "Welcome Home" box at
We will set them to the song I recorded with Jim Brickman called "Welcome Home."