Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Robin's Good Mornin' Email: Don't Be THAT Guy!

There's one in every bunch:
The person who gets wasted at the office party and sings karaoke standing on their desk…
The guy who after too much eggnog keeps eye contact with your shirt and not your face.
Those are obvious.
But what are the lesser-known office party no-no's you DO NOT want to commit?
We have that on the show today...
Morning early bird. Thanks for choosing us to wake you up,
In the show today:
We remember elizabeth edwards, a political wife who endured heartache and cancer gracefully in her final years.
More on what people are saying about the wife of john edwards after her passing.
Is it working?
Get a load of how long it’s been since we've had a whopping delay on the tarmac for airline passengers.
Let's keep that trend going, if it is indeed as it appears.
Dirty money,
They've found a chemical on our money that's linked to diabetes, heart disease and other maladies!
(Debit cards, anyone?)
Bob's back to talk about the bone-numbing chill that's settled into a deep freeze for many of your fellow viewers.
And, there are warnings for huge amounts of snow too.
And student protests get ugly over proposed fee hikes ---
Wow we are packed full of news today. See you then.