Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Robin's Gone. Working With Oprah on New Program

Is Robin off working with Oprah or Gayle King on Oprah's "Ask Oprah's All Stars?"
Yes. Robin tweeted.

Im off rest of ths week & nxt. then 2 LA 2 tape OWN network kickoffs. Then Im back on air at HLN rt after the holidays! Happy holidays 2 u!
- - - - - - - - 
It’s the eve of Christmas eve, eve! Probably still time to get off Santa’s naughty list… but just barely. 

Robin has the day off so Natasha Curry will handle anchor duties this morning… 

…and "They Say it Never Rains in Southern California." But our meteorologistBob Van Dillen won’t be singing that tune. 
10 inches of rain has fallen over 5 days in some areas of California - 21 inches of snow in one town! Gov. Schwarzenegger has declared emergencies in 6 counties so far. 

Could Cali’s wet weather mean a white Christmas for you? 

The ban on gays and lesbians in the U.S. Military will officially end todaywhen the President signs the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” But service men and women shouldn’t start asking or telling just yet… it could take months for the Pentagon to phase it out. 

The UConn women are on the longest winning streak in college basketball history! 
Natasha was chanting "GIRL POWER" during the 3am meeting. 
89 wins in a row! How big a deal is that? Big enough for the President of the United States to call and congratulate the coach… in the middle of a news conference! 

Speaking of women and rebounds… 
According to one bank, women are coming out of the recession in better financial shape than the guys… we’ll tell you why. 

Thanks to you for sending in incredible pictures and video of your Welcome Home holiday reunions with family and friends who are serving their country. We’ll have more tears of joy today on the show. If you’ve missed any of them you can CLICK HERE to see them all on the Salute to Troops blog. 

He’s lovin’ it! A spur of the moment McRib turns into $1 MILLION for an out-of-work construction worker…