Friday, December 17, 2010

Robin's gone, here's somebody else

Maybe Robin is too busy making those last day personal wake up calls????

Wake-Up call subscribers today is the last day that Robin will be calling your house! Make sure you have something (or someone) else ready to get you up on Monday! full details 

Good Morning Campers! 

Happy Friday! We’re hoping today isn’t as wild as it was yesterday here atMorning Express World Headquarters. Between the ice storm and this mystery sick bug that’s been floating around, Thursday was nuts! So lets cross our fingers and get to the weekend. 

Robin is out today. Natasha Curry will be behind the anchor desk to drop some knowledge on you this morning. 

Here’s what we’re working on: 

After days of accusations and threats, the tax deal that President Obama made with Republicans was passed by the House late last night. Some people from both sides of the aisle are still fuming about it for various reasons. Find out this morning what this deal will mean for you as the President gets ready to sign it into law. 

The weather is still crazy out there and we’re still a week away from winter. People around the country were skidding, sliding, and crashing for most of the day yesterday. Rule of thumb: If you see a TV camera by a stop sign…STAY AWAY! Our weather guru Bob Van Dillen is back today to give you a preview of today. 

We are hearing from the security guard that stopped that attack at a school council meeting in Florida. You’ll hear in his voice how tough a decision it was to save the day. It’s really moving stuff. 

Nothing says sports like stuffed animals. Wait until you see the video of a minor league hockey game that had to be stopped because the fans started throwing TEDDY BEARS on the ice. Like 20,000+. Wow! Sports guru Rafer Weigel will be on top of it this morning. 

We’ve had pancakes, grilled cheeses, and bridge underpasses. Now we have a guy who says he has seen an image of Jesus and The Virgin Mary in a piece of hard holiday candy! It’s really something to chew on. HA! 

So that’s it for now. We hope to see you dark and early at 6a ET sharp.