Thursday, December 16, 2010

Getting Trapped Because of Icy Traffic

Holy crud. 
There's a humongous sheet of ice. And it’s covering Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, Georgia, etc. 
No joke. It’s gonna trip up your day if you live in the effected areas. 
(I had to crawl and clamber my way to the mulch beds of my yard for traction to make it to my ride, which was stuck in my drive on ice. After that I got stuck in standstill traffic on the highway—which is where I am right now as I write this. So if I'm not sitting in the anchor chair that means I'm still sitting in ice-still traffic.) 
Well that's not the only story that’s huge today. 
No matter if it’s me or Ryan Smith (he's on standby in case I don't make it in time), we will also be talking about: 

No more drop side cribs. 
If your baby is napping in one this morning... the government wants you to stop using it now. 
We are talking BANNED because babies can get trapped and die. 
More on the show. 
Michael Vick says he wants a dog! Rafer has that. sound off on our Facebook Page 
VW and Chrysler recalls: Is your car affected? 
It’s on our website (scroll down to "Express Links") 
A group is suing McDonald’s to force the fast food giant to stop using toys to entice children to want meals the group says are unhealthy. Ryan has that. 
Well here I sit in traffic with a driver. But the newsletter is goooing out!