Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve, But There's Still News!

Happy Christmas Eve. Robin is off today. Natasha Curry has the reins and we're getting started an hour later today to make room for a special episode of Clark Howard at 6am ET.

And we’ve got quite a day going. Check out these highlights:

It seems like every time you turn around, the TSA is looking for something new. For those of you traveling for the holidays, we’ve got a warning. Something in your carry-on may provoke what the Homeland Security people are calling “additional security measures.”

Speaking of travel, what are the chances of a white Christmas for you? We’ll have the forecast.

And we’re looking at the new online shopping phenomenon. It’s called “dynamic pricing” and it’s how the stores are finding a way to deal with all you comparison shoppers out there. This story’s guaranteed to shock you. Let’s just say, what you pay and what your neighbor pays are not the same.

People in 15 states are sick after a new salmonella outbreak. And right now, health officials are pointing at one product and one national sandwich chain. We’re following this one for you. full story

There’s controversy over the way the NCAA has decided to discipline six players from the Ohio State football team. They landed big suspensions. But get this: They still get to play in the Sugar Bowl.

As Kate Middleton and Prince William begin preparations for the royal wedding, they’re getting their first big wake-up call. You’re going to see why, up close.

Also this morning, there’s a bizarre development in the investigation of the Philly serial killer. It seems someone created a Facebook page on the crimes. And right there, front and center, was a photograph of a local man, with his address. When a crowd started to gather outside his house, he called the cops. We’ve got the rest of the story.