Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Best and Worst Places for Men and Women

What are the Best and Worst Cities for men and women? 
Supposedly it’s Madison, Wisconsin for the fellas. 
And Plano, Texas for the gals. But why? And where does your town fall? 
Are you dreaming of a snowy white Christmas? Not to get all geek on you, but there's a weather conveyor belt that may likely bring that to you and most of your fellow viewers.
More on that!
Hope you are doing great.
You can look at the weather that way. Or you can look at it this way:
It's the biggest storm Southern California has seen in years -- and it's still not over.
See how much more rain, potential mudslides and snow is expected, and what it means for your holiday travel.
If you swear by Echinacea for the common cold... you may want to save a few bucks after you see the new findings about the herbal cold remedy.
An actor from 'Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark' is hospitalized after an accident on set.
And get a load of the video of the aftermath.
Toyota gets a spanking for the way it handled recent recalls....
No more paper.
See which part of the government is saving some trees when it gives you your benefits.
If you were sleeping during this morning’s lunar eclipse... no sweat. It’s not as if one like this hasn’t happened in 400 years or something.
Oh wait. Yes it is!
But thanks to a few inventions since the last one to happen on the winter solstice (in 16-hundred something).... we got ya covered with the vid.
Can you imagine how tiny the baton looked as Shaq brought the orchestra to attention?
Yep. Shaquille O’Neal moonlights as the guest conductor of the Boston Pops.